Lisa Alexander, Project Leader
Lisa Alexander
Project Leader

Lisa is an Associate Professor at the Climate Change Research Centre and leads the Extreme Rainfall Research Program of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. Her work mainly focuses on the creation of observational datasets and their comparison with state of the art climate models. She started this project through frustration at being unable to easily access, share and update datasets.


Markus Donat, Research Associate
Markus Donat
Research Associate

Markus is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre. He is interested in understanding climate extreme events and their changes, in relation to both natural variability and global warming. In this context, Markus is also interested in the uncertainties associated with observational and climate model data.

Margot Bador, Researcher
Margot Bador

Margot is an early career researcher at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes. Her main interests are climate extremes, their variability, future changes and underlying mechanisms. She uses climate indices in observations and models to assess how climate extremes could evolve with climate change and investigates the respective role of the anthropogenic influence and natural climate variability on future regional changes.

James Goldie, Web developer
James Goldie
Web developer

James is a Phd student with the Climate Change Researcher Centre with a strong interest in data visualisation and data engineering. As he completes his PhD on heat stress in Australian cities, James is refreshing the Climdex website and investigating new ways to offer Climdex data to project partners.

Former team members

Climdex is indebted to the previous work of team members Yoichi Takayama, Hongang Yang, Russ Vose, Imke Durre, Francis Zwiers and David Karoly.